August 26, 2009


This is my favorit place that I wanna go someday soon..Mt. Rinjani..
with a beautiful lake, nature, and panorama..

The national park extends over an area of 41,330 ha, with the surrounding protected forest covering 51,500 ha. Community based activities are conducted in conjunction with the Rinjani centre in Senaru. Mount Rinjani and Segara Anak Lake located in the north of Lombok 85 kilometers from Mataram.

Mt. Rinjani is the second highes peak in Indonesia standing at majestic 3726 meters, part of the celebrated ”ring of fire”. The dramatic landscape has been created over a millions of years of cone-building, violent explosions, and erosion. Forested slopes rising directly from the sea create their own weather pattern and act as water – collectors for the whole Lombok.

For the people of Lombok Sasak and Balinese alike, treat this mountain as a sacred place. They consider the Gods live at the summit of the mountain. One of the large craters called Segara Anak, located at 2000 meters above the sea level is the destination of many pilgrims, who make the annual trek up the step slopes in order to place offerings to the Gods in the lake it self. This magnificent crater lake now holds a new and active volcano, Mount Baru Jari which appeared this century. On the north side of the lake is a hot spring ( one of 4 Segara Anak hot springs found here) which is said to cure disease.

A model for echo tourism in Indonesia, It is trully an unforgetable experience to climb such impressive mountain as Rinjani and the 2 trek expeditions that offered and the spectacular scenery cwere contributing factors to Tinjani National Park winning the National Geographic World Tourism Award in 2004..



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