August 30, 2009


Ambarawa located in northwest edge of Rawa Pening, around 38 kms side town south Semarang. Encircled some big mounts ( G.Ungaran, G. Merbabu, G. Telomoyo, G Kelir) and some hills ( G.Kendalisodo, G. Potro, G. Kendil, G Gajah), makes district town of ex- this Kawedanan Ambarawa will hidden in base a giant frying-pan. most located Ngampin Countryside region west Kecamatan Ambarawa, abuts on Kecamatan Jambu. Center countryside ( countryside hall office) located in front of house Mbah Tajib, at point of 7° 15 ' 488" LS and 110° 23 ' 177" BT, that is precise 2 km westside zero Ambarawa, or 40 kms from town Semarang. Height at point of this is 486 m to sea surface.

Administratively included in region Kabupaten Semarang, Central Java Province. Geographically, its(the kilometre zero lays in 7°15 ' 278" LS and 110° 24 ' 195" BT, that is in bridge Kali Panjang with height of place of 500 m to sea surface.

Form of fisiografis region Desa Ngampin marginally divisible in 3 part; part of south ( train rail to a point countryside south) flat physiography with mean bevel < 3%, with main land use of wet ricefield dependant to rain and irrigation of simple. Partly small dry farmings and mixture garden.

Centered ( between train rails and roadway) physiography wavies until surging with bevel 3-15%. Main land use of settlement, mixture garden and dryland farming.

Upstate ( roadway to a point north countryside), surging physiography, hilly until having mount with bevel > 15%. Main land use of dryland farming in north boundary, and settlement and mixture garden around roadway.


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